Sunday, June 24, 2012

Whack! & 2 Freebies

How cute are these four whack-a-gopher games?!  Each game uses all 220 Dolch sight words.  They are sold individually or together in a bundle.   If I were a kid I would think they look like fun :).  Do they even have the whack-a-mole games at arcades anymore? I have no idea -it has been a while!

Go Gopher Dolch Sight Word Game Go Fish
Go Gopher is Go Fish

Roll, Say... Whack Dolch Sight Word Game.  Roll Say Keep
Roll, Say... Whack is Roll, Say, Keep

Whack! is like Bang, Kaboom, etc.

Read, Read... Whack! Dolch Sight Word Game

Roll N' Cover Zoo Animals Addition Game Mat
Freebie!  Click for Roll N' Cover Addition Zoo Animals Game 

Printable Give Me Five Poster
Freebie! Click for the Give Me Five Poster

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sight Word Love

I love love love making learning sight words fun!  One, because there are so many engaging ways to incorporate them into daily instruction.  Two, because sight word automaticity is interconnected with fluency and comprehension.   This summer I will be working on making lots of fun sight word games, activities, and other classroom helpers using Dolch sight words.  I am very curious - what do you call sight words in your class? In the past I have called them sight words and popcorn words.  Please share!

So far..

Popcorn word wall words and alphabet

Popcorn Word Wall Words
Popcorn Word Wall Words

I am in LOVE with these two glossaries!!  Who doesn't want a handy dandy word wall at your fingertips?! They super cute and super functional!!  

Popcorn Words Glossary with Printable Dolch Sight Words

Popcorn Words Glossary with Printable Dolch Sight Words

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Slant Poster Freebie

One and a half more weeks of school.  Woohoo!

I decided to make this Slant Poster because I couldn't find any colorful ones out there.  You can print this poster in two different sizes. It is ready to go at 8.5x11.  Or, you can piece together 9 pages to make a larger sized poster.  Question - do you think this is too big?  I can make it smaller to be 4 pages instead. I figured that once the edges are trimmed and the pages overlap some, it will cut the size down some.  Another new[freebie] poster is in the works.. check back soon!
Slant Poster

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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Deal of the Day

I went to Staples to get new headphones, and left with this great deal. There was a stack of number lines in the clearance section for $2.50! You might get lucky and find one at a nearby Staples. Maybe Carson-Dellosa is coming out with a new one this summer?